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Access Control/Door Automation

Access Control/Door Automation

Access control is fundamentally the ability to secure a door from one or both sides, whilst allowing access only to specific authorised persons, combined with the ability to grant, modify or deny access at any time.

Choosing a system which is right for your needs will depend on the premises, the business use and the number of people who will need access.

As security is an ever present challenge it is vital to control access into individual rooms and in some cases entire buildings, to protect the staff, the equipment and other highly sensitive areas of your property.

Lloyd Worrall provides a comprehensive service for all your access control and door automation requirements.

We can design systems form single doorsets to fully integrated on-line multi-door and multi-user systems, utilising the latest proximity reader technology.

For high security areas we can supply Biometric technology readers such as fingerprint and handprint recognition systems, integrated into the standard card-based access control systems.

Automatic operators enable doors to be opened without being touched. Our range of operators enjoy a wide range of applications - they promote hygiene in hospitals and can assist the elderly or disabled to be given convenient access to public buildings.

Our specialist technical consultants will provide a comprehensive access audit schedule and also co-ordinate your egress and access control and automatic door operator systems.

Product information is available from our Access Control and Door Automation Brochure. This can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

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