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Market Sectors

Education, Health, Commercial, Accommodation

Lloyd Worrall Architectural Solutions

Lloyd Worrall is a premier architectural solutions provider to the commercial, education, health, housing, retail and leisure sectors of the construction industry. Our goal is to ensure that we always deliver solutions that promote safe, secure and accessible environments.

Your Project

We are committed to giving you the best advice, specification and service. Lloyd Worrall becomes part of your team working closely with all the key decision makers and forming relationships with contractors, architects, specifiers, clients and end-users.

At Lloyd Worrall we’ll assist you in creating the building you want, safe in the knowledge that our solutions are tested, certified and perform.  

Education Sector Solutions

Educational establishments require ironmongery and doorset solutions which meet high durability and performance standards. Our range of Interspec doorsets and ironmongery are designed to meet these high performance standards and the high degree of resistance to physical abuse found in schools, colleges and universities. Interspec doorset solutions are compliant with all British and European standards. 

Our access control and door automation solution team can survey, supply and install a range of security and safety measures including contactless card control and two door lobby controlled entry points for visitor access. Installations are carried out by ADSA Approved engineers and comply with the recommendations of BS EN 1600.

Our fully compliant, continuous handrail and balustrade solutions provide additional safety for students and staff alike. Our polyamide system is available with a 33mm dia for use in schools so that a child’s hand can securely grip it.  

Our technical consultants will prepare detailed door schedules and co-ordinate the hardware, access and handrailing requirements for each individual school, college or university, ensuring a coherent package of products.

Health Sector Solutions

Performance, durability and safety are critical to the healthcare sector. Demands on facilities are complex and must meet the high standards required for both patients and professionals. Hospital facilities experience high volumes of traffic and equipment traffic. 

Lloyd Worrall can offer a complete design specification for doorsets, ironmongery, access and automation and handrail and balustrade systems which can assist service providers meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and the guidance given in BS 8300. Our packages are offered with comprehensive performance certification to current EN standards.

With the increasing focus on the safety, security and dignity of people, Lloyd Worrall has an extensive range of anti-ligature products which provide such persons with increased levels of personal freedom and quality of life, while at the same time minimising the potential for self-harm.

Our timber handrail and balustrade system is an ideal solution to provide a homely feel in residential care homes while also giving support.

Commercial Sector Solutions

Lloyd Worrall understands the importance of corporate image in the commercial sector.  Interspec doorsets form an integral part of the aesthetics of an office environment.  From the design stage, we work closely with designers and architects to assist them with the detailing of the doors, frames and screens.  The handle is the first physical contact a person will have with a building and we have an extensive range of ironmongery options. 

In helping specifiers to develop light and inviting working environments, our glass and stainless steel handrail and balustrade are an excellent design option to achieve this and glass manifestations can achieve a unique look.

For retailers we provide an extensive range of manually operated and automated door access and security solutions, accessible washroom products, and wayfinding solutions to provide easy navigation within buildings.

In leisure developments product durability is a key factor.  We have solutions that utilise polyamide or Grade 316 stainless steel – both being less likely to tarnish in chlorinated leisure centre environments.

Accommodation Sector Solutions

We provide a co-ordinated package of architectural hardware, doorsets, access control and door automation for affordable housing projects, halls of residence & student accommodation, apartments, high quality residential, hotels & hospitality complexes and retirement developments.

Whether your residential design theme is based on Art Deco or the more modern minimalist style, consider the door handle. By specifying the right door handle you can achieve a seamless blend or make a bold statement to the interior design of the property. For a truly individual touch consider using our bespoke handle service.

Safety and compliance are the priority when specifying doorsets for residential occupancy. We deliver a complete range of high quality fire rated and solid flaxboard core laminate doorsets for demanding locations such as student accommodation and apartment / shared occupancy buildings. Veneer and panel doorsets are available to deliver a unique appearance and aesthetic appeal to high-quality residential and hospitality complexes. 

Our Handrail and Balustrade solutions allow endless design considerations such as bespoke structural glass systems to add the wow factor to open plan living. Created without the use of vertical supports the system gives the specifier endless design possibilities with a vast range of glass options to create a truly bespoke solution. We also provide balcony solutions to bring the outside in.

Whether you’re designing a standalone home, a block of apartments or a hotel, controlling the flow of people in and out without hampering everyday movement is a fine balance – we have the experience and knowledge to specify the correct solution for your building. We can design and install systems from single doorsets to fully integrated on-line multi-door use systems, utilising the latest Mifare card technology. We offer supply and installation of automatic doors utilising our ADSA approved engineers. All installations are carried out to comply with the recommendations of BS EN 1600.