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Anti Lig Ironmongery

Anti-Ligature Locksets

Safe and secure bedrooms, communal areas, corridors and ensuites

A range of anti-ligature locksets that incorporate carefully designed features aimed at providing safer environments in hospitals and special care accommodation. Our specially designed products incorporate safety mechanisms such as secondary overrides and integral indicator facilities, allowing nursing staff to monitor occupancy and unlock doors that may have had their keyway  deliberately blocked. We provide lockset options for bedrooms, communal areas, corridoors and ensuites.

Anti-Ligature Bedroom Lockset with Secondary Override

Product Code: LWG-0001ALLS

The bedroom lockset is equipped with a concealed secondary override mechanism which enables nursing staff to unlock a door even when the service user has taken deliberate measures to block the keyway in a more determined barricade attempt.

In mental health, bedroom doors typically open inwards but are equipped with double swing hinges and removable doorstops to allow the door to open outwards in an emergency situation.

Anti-Ligature Indicator Lockset with Secondary Override

Product Code: LWG-0002ALLS

Fully equipped with an integral indicator facility in addition to both the Primary & Secondary Barricade Override functions.

This model is principally designed for anti-ligature bathroom applications where indication of room occupancy is required. It is often specified for bedroom door applications because the only way the indicator status can be changed is when the turn on the inside of the room is operated manually. Therefore, if the indicator is in the red position and, assuming there is no alternative means of access into the room, there is (definitely) someone in the room. This can help clinical staff to monitor the whereabouts of the service user.

Anti-Ligature Nightlatch Lockset with Secondary Override

Product Code: LWG-0003ALLS

Behind certain doors are dangers which the service user must be protected from. Any door that locks itself automatically helps to support the clinical team whenever there is a need to know that a closed door is a locked door. The anti-thrust bolt automatically deadlocks when the door is in the closed position which considerably prevents patient manipulation. This is particularly beneficial for doors which normally open outwards.

This product is also available with an optional ‘passage set’ feature which allows the key- holder to temporarily prevent the door from locking automatically. This is a useful feature during busy periods of traffic.

Anti-Ligature Communal Lockset with Secondary Override

Product Code: LWG-0004ALLS

Designed initially for Communal Room applications (where it is not advisable to use a Turn/Pull due to the potential for service user misuse) this lockset can also be used for link doors or offices wherever a manual locking regime is preferred. More recently this product has become the preferred option for ensuite bathrooms in CAHMS units and other challenging environments because it has the capacity to lock the door both in the closed and open positions.

When in the unlocked position, the door is held closed by means of a medium-sprung, adjustable roller catch which negates the need for lever handles.

Anti-Ligature Ensuite Lockset with Secondary Override

Product Code: LWG-0005ALLS

Some doors in psychiatric hospitals are better controlled by the clinical staff and therefore need to be controlled by key. At certain times it might be that those doors need to be operable by the service user group and therefore left unlocked. Free swinging doors to communal areas are better equipped without a turn handle on the inside to prevent one patient from trying to prevent access to another which can cause unrest.

Supplied complete with pull handles on both sides of the door the lockset comprises a robust deadbolt and is further equipped with a medium sprung, heavy duty, roller catch which allows the client to open or close the door without the need of a lever handle.

Locking is limited to one side of the door and therefore perfectly suited to ensuite bathrooms, service risers or shallow non walk-in cupboards.

Anti-Ligature Deadlatch Lockset with Secondary Override

Product Code: LWG-0006ALLS

Operating on a key/key basis the lockset locks automatically whenever the door is closed making it an ideal option for link, office or cupboard doors behind which there may be hazardous items. In Step-down or Rehabilitation Units where patients may be issued with a key it is still possible to access the room in the event of an emergency by means of the integral Secondary Barricade Override mechanism.

Automatic locking products can have a significant role to play in psychiatric hospitals. A door that locks itself automatically can assist the clinical team in knowing that a closed door is a locked door.

Supplied with an anti-thrust bolt this model automatically deadlocks when the door is in the closed position preventing patient manipulation.

Anti-Ligature Standalone Proximity Lockset

Product Code: LWG-0014AC

Suitable for smaller units is a stand-alone proximity battery powered lockset that is designed to meet the special requirements of a mental healthcare setting.

Staff will have full control of who can gain access through a specific doorset.

This will allow service users to gain access into their own personal space giving them the feeling of a safe, secure environment.

Unlike conventional access control products, the electronic control equipment included in the lockset is fitted on the outside of the door. This significantly reduces the opportunities for service users to tamper with the device without clinical staff intervention.

The unit comes fully equipped with a concealed and independent barricade override mechanism which ensures clinical staff can gain access at any time. Even in the event of an electronic failure. This eliminates the need for mechanical locking cylinders which are prone to wear and often the target of abuse.

Anti-Ligature Wi-Fi Enabled Proximity Lockset

Product Code: LWG-0015AC

Suitable for most door types within larger sites.

The hardware is the same as the stand-alone unit but with the added benefit of gaining real time live information such as dates and times of who went where.

A significant benefit of this model is how quick and simple it is to program. Instead of going to each individual door, everything can be controlled from one central computer. With internet access, a door can be programmed remotely, and a virtual key issued from just about anywhere via a mobile app.