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Access Control

Securespec Access Control

Simple. Smart. Versatile.

Our Securespec range of solutions combine the best in modern technology, with style and convenience to form a transformative access control solution that creates safe and secure environments.

Key Highlights:

Advanced functionality included as standard

Swift installation and configuration

Complete product portfolio for the door

Superior value through expertise and advice

Cost effective solution

Residential Solutions

Student accommodation | Care homes
High quality residential

From front doors to perimeter access, shared spaces, and lifts, Securespec solutions combine security and style, with centralised management – perfect for a variety of residential applications.

The Securespec range of smart access control solutions provide a stylish, functional, and easy to install locking system, that offers enhanced security and peace of mind, for users, operators and managers alike.

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Hotel & Leisure Solutions

Boutique hotels | Leisure centres | Gymnasiums Entertainment complexes

Providing a service in the hotel or leisure sector is all about ensuring a positive customer experience – this includes swift yet secure access for those who need it.

A fully-featured access control system not only gives security, but also enhances this experience by offering another level of convenience.

Securespec also offers centralised management so access can be managed with minimal time, input and hassle for all.

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Commercial Spaces

Offices | Warehouses | Retail

Suitable for a range of applications, our access control systems protect data, assets, and people, by managing who can enter or leave each area.

Designed to work seamlessly throughout offices of all types and sizes, Securespec solutions provide the appropriate level of security for your needs. The range of products can be deployed across a variety of premises including offices, retail spaces and warehouses.

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Education Solutions

Primary | Secondary | Higher education

Security in schools and educational settings is of paramount importance, but can also be a complex task.

Securespec provides comprehensive security and access management that can be tailored to any educational institution, from a primary school to a multi-site university.

Our expert tech team will work with you to design, implement, and maintain a suitable, integrated security system that ensures your facility remains a safe space.

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Simple. Smart. Software.

With our state-of-the-art access control software, powered by Securespec Hybrid Software you can deliver seamless access control and better experiences for users, residents, and visitors.

Key Highlights:

  • Configure a range of credentials including access cards and mobile phone
  • Manage and monitor your system from on-site or anywhere in the world
  • Custom configuration of access groups
  • Swiftly issue new credentials from wherever you are
  • Manage temporary users conveniently and securely with check-in and check-out

Click Here to download the Securespec Access Control Brochure