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Wayfinding Signage

Help people get to where they need to be quickly and safely

Lloyd Worrall offers a wayfinding solutions service to help you determine which signs are required for your building. We can also install the signs using experienced fitting teams. From floor plans and/or a site survey, we can specify requirements taking into consideration the needs of those who are unfamiliar with your facility and its surroundings.

Wayfinding Signage

CADIC Interchangeable Wayfinding Signage

  • 5mm thick, silicon acrylic signs with face plates.
  • 25mm lettering number and nameplates.
  • 35mm lettering directories.
  • Supplied with stand-off sign supports.
  • If details require changing, only the face plate has to be replaced..

Numbers and Name Plates – standard sizes:

Product Codes:

LWG-CAD01 (86mm x 56mm)

LWG-CAD02 (166mm x 56mm)

LWG-CAD03 (246mm x 56mm)

LWG-CAD04 (326mm x 56mm)


Product Codes:

LWG-CAD05 (426mm x 116mm)

LWG-CAD06 (426mm x 166mm)


  • Vinyl-cut lettering
  • Screen printed
  • Engraved
  • Tactile
  • Tactile & Braille

Face Plates – finishes:

  • SSS satin stainless steel
  • PSS polished stainless steel
  • SAA satin aluminium
  • PAA polished aluminium
  • HIPS coloured plastic
  • PB polished brass

90mm dia signs

Product Codes:

LWG-CAD07  (Male)
LWG-CAD08 (Female)
LWG-CAD09 (Accessible)
LWG-CAD10 (Unisex)
LWG-CAD11 (Baby Change)
LWG-CAD12 (Push)
LWG-CAD13 (Pull)
LWG-CAD14 (Fire Door Keep Locked)
LWG-CAD15 (Fire Door Keep Shut)

90mm x 150mm signs

Product Codes:

LWG-CAD16  (Male)
LWG-CAD17 (Female)
LWG-CAD18 (Accessible)
LWG-CAD19 (Unisex)
LWG-CAD20 (Baby Change)

Custom finish and sizes available on request.

C-Fix Exterior Direction Wayfinding Sign System

Product Code: LWG-CFI306

  • Multi-directional signage.
  • Identity signage.
  • Information signage.
  • Wayfinding signage.
  • Pole and panel signage – single and double sided.
  • The C-Fix system is available in 6030mm length extrusions.
  • Single or multi-panel signs for exterior or interior use.
  • Versatile – the freedom to choose your own rigid substrate, colour, shape and size of panels.
  • Available using a variety of standard sized aluminium finger panels in 4 different formats: rectangular, rounded, square and vertical panel.
  • A choice of shaped caps to offer different designs and appeal: flat, domed or panel holder.

Infopanel Exterior Directory Wayfinding Signage

Product Code: LWG-INF304

  • Free standing and multi-panel signs.
  • Illuminated directories.
  • Corporate identity signage.
  • Building identification.
  • Entrance signs.
  • Car parking policy signs.
  • Maps and site plans.
  • Infopanels are hollow aluminium extruded sign planks available in 6030mm lengths in 5 depths: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 4850mm lengths for 300mm deep planks – all 20mm thick and can be cut to any length required.
  • For deeper panels an edge and brace system is used which can incorporate up to 1.5mm thick sheet aluminium.
  • Signpole and Signpost extrusions are available in dia of both 55mm and 80mm, however 140mm extrusions are available in Signpole only.
  • D and V curved profile extrusions are available in diameters of 55mm and 80mm.
  • Wall tracks for wall mounted directories are available in quadrant or square profiles.
  • Signpole and Signpost extrusions may be sunk into concrete or mounted onto a concrete footing using Signpole/post feet available in electroplated stainless steel.
  • Suspended signs can be achieved by fixing Signpole and Signpost extrusions to the ceiling or use cables to suspend fabricated Infopanel systems to give a clean look.

Insertz Interior Directory Wayfinding Signage

Product Code: LWG-INS303

  • Information signs.
  • Directional signage.
  • Name plates.
  • Door signs.
  • Promotional signage.
  • A curved aluminium display for cut vinyl graphics and digital print encased in either engraved acrylic or metal panels.
  • Available in 2200mm extrusion lengths at 5 standard widths: 50mm, 100mm, A5, A4 and A3.
  • Standard readymade kits are available which include cut profile, end caps and screws, protective cover and suction cap.
  • Anti-glare protective cover helps prevent tampering.

Monoframe Exterior Identity System

Product Code: LWG-MON305

  • Corporate identity signage.
  • Directional signage.
  • Site map signage.
  • Business park signs.
  • Information signs.
  • Available in 6030mm length extrusions at 3 different widths: 55, 80 and 175mm.
  • Reinforced internal frame system.
  • A variety of post mounting options are available: square, V and D sections for 55 and 80mm widths, C and D sections for 175mm widths with matching feet made from electroplated steel.
  • Illumination achievable with both 80 and 175mm sections – room to house electronic components and using acrylic sheet or vacuum formed pans.
  • Up to 1.5mm sheet aluminium may be used for the 55 and 80mm widths and up to 2.5mm for the 175mm width extrusions.
  • Up to 3mm sheet acrylic and vacuum formed pans may be used for the 55 and 80mm widths and up to 5mm for the 175mm width extrusion.
  • Specialised Stand Off Bracket (SOB) available for projected signs at the 80mm width only.

Slatz Interior Directory Wayfinding Signage

Product Code: LWG-SLA301

  • Single panel door signs.
  • IN / OUT slider signage.
  • Single or double sided directories.
  • Available wall mounted, free standing, projecting and suspended.
  • Available in 3275mm lengths that can be cut to exact requirements, minimising waste.
  • Standard face plates are available in 7 different depths: mini, midi, little, middle, big, king and super. Bespoke depths can be fabricated using a sidetrack and mini edge system which incorporates sheet aluminium.
  • All sizes have matching end caps for individual name plate creation.
  • Directory sidetracks are available in 3 formats: square, quadrant and angle with matching caps.
  • Projected and suspended directories use double sided sidetracks available in 2 formats: square and quadrant.
  • A variety of specialised face plates are available such as: Engraver plates which can incorporate laminate, aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic and foamex sheets up to 1mm thick and Slider plates which incorporate slider inserts for IN / OUT signage options.
  • Multicaps allow for the fabrication of mini directories and multi-panel door signs with the use of just 2 end caps and suitable face plates.

SlimSlatz Interior Directory Wayfinding Signage

Product Code: LWG-SSL302

  • Single panel door signs.
  • IN / OUT slider signage.
  • Single- or double-sided directories.
  • Available wall mounted, free standing, projecting and suspended.
  • Assembled profile of less than 8mm.
  • Available in 2000mm extrusion lengths which can be cut to size to minimise waste.
  • Standard face plates are available in 4 depths: 20, 40, 60 and 80mm. Bespoke depths can be fabricated using an edge system and 1mm sheet aluminium.
  • Plastic caps are available for all face plates in 3 formats: square, angle and quadrant (for creation of individual face plate signs).
  • Directory sidetracks are available in 3 formats; square, angle and quadrant.
  • Specialised Engraver face plates available in 20 and 40mm – incorporate sheet material up to 1mm thick with tapered edges.