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Health Sector Solutions

Providing safe, secure and accessible solutions

Performance, durability, and safety are critical to the health sector. Demands on facilities are complex and must meet the high standards required for both patients and health professionals.

Our experience in the sector, combined with our expertise and technical knowledge, allows us to select the right ironmongery, doorset, access control, door automation and handrail and balustrade products to assist you in delivering your healthcare project. 

We will support the design and site teams by ensuring we’re meeting their client’s specification, fire certification and budget requirements. Our goal is to provide solutions that promote a safe, secure and accessible environment.

Specify and supply regulation compliant solutions

Our range of fully certified fire doors ensure safety of patients, staff, and visitors. From veneered, laminate or painted finishes to suit different department and building needs, specialist doors for X-ray and theatres areas, doorset privacy blind systems, integrated finger protection for children wards to PVC lippings to safeguard the door against equipment traffic, we can specify and supply regulation compliant doorsets to healthcare spaces.

Our ironmongery ranges feature stainless steel and nylon hardware suited to the high traffic areas within healthcare environments. The range combines high performance and durability with clean-cut designs. Bolt through fixings for lever and pull handle furniture are available for durability in heavy duty applications. For busy corridors, fire door hold open devices can safely be linked to the buildings fire alarm and smoke detection system. We have a wide range of internal and external signage plus braille and tactile signage to aid those with visual impairments, and wayfinding signage for easy navigation through departments and wards,

Focus on safety, security and dignity

With the increasing focus on safety, security and dignity of people, Lloyd Worrall has an extensive range of anti-ligature products which provide such persons with increased levels of personal freedom and quality of life, while at the same time minimising the potential for self-harm.

Our BIM library of 7 generic Interspec mental health doorset BIM objects have been created to simplify the specification process. Visit our BIM page for more information Cobie Bim | Lloyd Worrall Group

Co-ordinating access and egress control

The importance of security within healthcare buildings is self-evident. Our dedicated access and autos team will provide a comprehensive access audit schedule and co-ordinate access and egress control. Whether it’s a robust reliable automatic door solution to facilitate easy entry and egress, video entry systems linked to the nurses station for visitor verification or “no contact” sensor access control for critical areas, we can specify, supply, and install the correct solution for the building’s needs.

Our fully compliant, continuous handrail and balustrade solutions provide additional safety for patients and staff alike. Our high performance, easy to clean, low maintenance nylon, stainless steel and glass systems are ideal for high traffic environments. We can supply tactile indicators on the handrails to assist the visually impaired and a second, lower rail to corridors, stairs and landings in children’s healthcare facilities, and on ramps for wheelchair users. 

Offering support and guidance

Lloyd Worrall also offers a comprehensive range of washroom and WC fittings designed for disabled users in a range of finishings.

Lloyd Worrall is here to offer support and guidance on the best architectural solutions to meet the requirements of individual health facilities and developments throughout the UK.

All our solutions conform to the latest British and European standards as well as meeting current building regulations.