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Anti Lig Ironmongery

Anti-Ligature Door Stops

Provide quicker, easier access with discreet door stops

A selection of anti-ligature door stops designed around the requirements and needs of healthcare, care homes, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals. We provide multi-point and emergency release door stops that can be easily installed whilst providing resilience against force.

Multi-point Removable Door Stop

Product Code: LWG-0014ALS

A full length, fire rated, stop mounted doorstop, ideal for bedroom and en-suite doors in mental health environments.

Single point operation (espagnolette system; one key opens 2 locks) streamlines locking and unlocking procedures, allowing quicker, easier access. By two locks engaging and unlocking simultaneously it guarantees when locked it is securely fastened in two places and does not allow for the one to be left unlocked.

Emergency Release door Stop with Lock In/Out

Product Code: LWG-0015ALS

  • Allows double action doors to operate as single swing when hung on pivots.
  • Emergency access is gained by depressing the stop and pulling the door outwards.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Stop releases automatically.
  • Includes holdback facility.
  • Suitable for use on FD30 and FD60 fire doors.
  • Stop can be locked in or out to e.g. prevent tampering.

Removable Door Stop

Product Code: LWG-0016ALS

  • Non-institutional.
  • Conventional in appearance and proportion.
  • Quick fit/easy install.
  • Easy operation with the Life-Line key.
  • Universal/non-handed.
  • Inconspicuous/discreet.
  • Rapid release.
  • Robust, sturdy design.
  • Resilience against side load damage.
  • Tested to TS001: 2013 B4.
  • Increased sight and sound privacy.