Securing Wellness: The Critical Role of Doorsets and Ironmongery in Hospitals

Doorsets in healthcare environments like hospitals have high standards to uphold, especially in terms of safety, durability and performance. 

At Lloyd Worrall, we strive to provide patients with the dignity and privacy they deserve, staff with solutions that can withstand equipment traffic, and visitors with secure access. We do this through our range of doorset and ironmongery offerings. 

There are many options that are highly suited to hospital environments, and our experience in the sector, combined with our expertise and technical knowledge enables us to recommend the right ironmongery, doorset, access control, and door automation products to assist you in delivering your healthcare project.

In this blog, we will take you through the doorset solutions you should be considering and what makes Lloyd Worrall the right partner for your hospital build.

Fully certified fire doors 

Fire safety is a top priority in hospitals and health environments, which is why it’s so important that doorset solutions work to prevent the spread of fire and smoke should the worst happen. 

At Lloyd Worrall, ours are fully certified fire and security doors, built to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors. Our doorsets are thoroughly and reliably tested for fire, security and acoustic compliance to strict production and certification tolerances. 

In fact, all of our Interspec fire rated doorsets comply with strict fire regulations, which we ensure meet and conform to the latest British Standards, European Standards as well as meeting current Building Regulations.

Door automation

Hospitals are busy environments with people coming and going 24 hours a day. Areas including entrances and corridors need systems that aid in the flow of people, stopping congestion or queues. 

Lloyd Worrall offers a comprehensive range of automatic swing and sliding doors, alongside a range of accessories including wireless buttons, activation sensors and finger guards. To make things even easier, we can often integrate our door automation systems with our access control and hardware products, streamlining the process and providing simpler, easier to use systems for hospital-goers. 

Specialist doors 

Specialist rooms sometimes need specialist doors.

In hospitals, X-ray and theatre areas require doors that are suited to the particular environment they’re attached to, in order to ensure health and safety. That’s why we offer lead-lined doorsets that are specifically designed for these purposes.

Patient safety 

As a building that is likely to house vulnerable people, hospitals have a responsibility to protect their patients. That’s why many adopt anti-ligature ironmongery. 

Lloyd Worrall has an extensive range of anti-ligature products which provide such persons with freedom, independence and quality of life, while still minimising the potential for self-harm.

We also offer privacy glazing that enables the patient to have privacy while still being monitorable. 


As an environment that is constantly buzzing and never off, hospitals need doorsets and ironmongery that are of the highest durability possible. 

In high traffic areas like wards and hallways, doors are likely to come up against physical abuse from trolleys, equipment and people, putting their durability to the test. But with door elements such as trolley bumper plates, our doors are protected and built to last. 

Whether it’s our laminate-faced timber or postformed high impact PVC finished doorset, our range of fully certified Interspec performance fire doors will meet and exceed the high-performance standards of healthcare facilities. 

Access control 

As buildings are filled with patients, staff members, children and everyone in between, security in hospitals is paramount. People deserve to feel safe and protected while still being able to move freely through the building. 

Securespec is Lloyd Worrall’s access control range. Made up of solutions that combine the best in modern technology with style and convenience, Securespec provides transformative access control solutions that turn hospitals into safe and secure environments.

Individual access levels can be granted depending on the role or seniority of the person, so healthcare professionals can access areas that hospital visitors cannot. This not only boosts safety and security for everyone, but also allows employees to move with ease while they work.

You can read more about Securespec here


Our finishes prioritise hygiene and aesthetics, providing the perfect finish for your hospital. 

With easy-to-clean laminate-faced doorsets, keeping hygiene at the forefront of the hospital values is easy. Plus, they’re known for being hard wearing and long-lasting, making them ideal for high-traffic environments where durability is needed.

We also offer the option to incorporate coloured finishes, meaning different wards/rooms/areas can be colour coded to suit the individual hospital’s needs. 

Why work with Lloyd Worrall?  

We are the architectural solutions experts you can trust. 

From the moment we begin working together, we will support the design and site teams by ensuring we’re meeting and exceeding their client’s specification, fire certification and budget requirements. 

Our goal is to provide solutions that promote a safe, secure and accessible environment.

At Lloyd Worrall, we pride ourselves on working closely with customers in the healthcare sector to ensure they’re receiving a service and product that’s designed to last, perform effectively, and look impressive. We also prioritise compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, no matter the project or product. We’re proud members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, and all our accreditations.

If you work in the healthcare sector and you’d like to speak to one of our experts about doorset solutions, contact us on

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