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British and European Ironmongery Standards

Ironmongery products tested to British and European standards provide greater durability, longer warranty periods, peace of mind and evidence of professional specification.

Under the standard each product is tested and classified accordingly to show its compliance. Almost all European architectural hardware standards follow a common format to help ease their understanding by users.

Each product is classified under several performance headings. All products are “marked” with a six or more digit classification coding which shows, in fine detail, just what levels of product performance are being claimed for the item.

Please click on a link below to view or download an overview guide on an ironmongery-related standard.

British and European Ironmongery Standards
BS 3621 : 2017
BS 8300-2 : 2018
BS EN 1906 : 2012
BS EN 179 : 2008
BS EN 1125 : 2008
BS EN 1154 : 1997
BS EN 1155 : 1997
BS EN 1303 : 2015
BS EN 1935 : 2002
BS EN 12209 : 2003
BS EN 12209 : 2016
CE Marking