Bespoke Ironmongery for Boutique Hotels

Every hotel is different. So why would you want your ironmongery to be the same as the hotel next door?

At Lloyd Worrall, we enable you to be different. We know that ironmongery can make a statement, matching specific interior or exterior design aesthetics and helping you to stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t need to be predictable or plain, in fact, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Ironmongery may physically be a small part of your interior but it can make a big difference – after all, it’s often the attention to detail that catches the customer’s eye.

But it’s not all about looks. Interior design is pointless if the hotel isn’t fire-safe and secure, which is why adhering to industry standards and regulation is crucial no matter the aesthetic.

Why should I choose bespoke ironmongery?

1. Rise above the ordinary

With 9,784 hotels businesses in the UK (as of 2023), competition is fierce. Therefore, showcasing your unique style and architectural design throughout your hotel is key when it comes to having the edge on your competition.

Bespoke ironmongery can help you stand out. From modern designs to heritage projects, we will help to ensure your project is unique.

2. Reach ambitious design goals

Your architect will have a vision on paper, one that needs to be executed to the highest standard. Whether it’s the aesthetics of a certain decade or interior design that centres around a unique theme, your ironmongery needs to match.

By crafting door handles, hardware and other decorative elements that compliment your interior or exterior design choices, you can create a look that perfectly translates the architect’s vision.

3. Prioritise safety and security without compromising style

Of course, the purpose of ironmongery should not be forgotten. Designed to keep guests safe, secure, and enable them to move through the hotel with ease, ironmongery first and foremost must meet performance standards.

At Lloyd Worrall, our ironmongery – whether it’s our commercial range or as part of our Made For You service – meets all relevant performance standards including BS8300, ADM, BS EN, Certifire, and CE Mark.

So you’ll never need to worry about the performance of your bespoke ironmongery.

4. Achieve consistent finishing

A hotel is full of hardware, from the entrance right through to the ensuites. By carefully considering the material and finish of the ironmongery, you can ensure that all hardware is uniquely finished to match, creating an impressive consistency.

Front vs back of house

We recognise that front of house and back of house operate very differently. Where front of house prioritises guest experience and design, back of house often prioritises security and cost effectiveness. Because of this, the ironmongery needed in each area may differ in specification and may not even need to be bespoke if not accessible to guests.

That’s why we provide different solutions for front and back of house. Back of house will have different requirements and will therefore need different ironmongery, which is something we can facilitate.

How we discuss the specification with the client

Discussing project specifications with the client is crucial. In order to provide products that the client is truly delighted with, we must ensure we’re working towards the same goals.

We discuss the specification in a variety of ways – sometimes directly and sometimes via the project design team. We will visit sites and walk through the building with the client or design team, discussing what each door needs in relation to its function and location. From drawings and plans of the building we can produce an ironmongery schedule.

Physical samples of the ironmongery we are proposing are also incredibly handy, which we can supply along with product datasheets. When it comes to supplying samples of bespoke items of ironmongery, we work alongside the manufacturer to produce product drawings and samples.

Case studies

Both Lloyd Worrall and our London branch Yannedis have worked with a variety of hotels over the years to provide unique bespoke ironmongery that achieves all of the above and more.

Here are two case studies from recent hotel projects:

Vintry & Mercer Hotel

Yannedis delivered a complete package of retro styled architectural ironmongery and door hardware to support the timeless luxury of the new Vintry & Mercer Hotel.

Collaboration played a key role in this project – as it does in most bespoke ironmongery projects – with our team collaborating with Roberto Pajares, General Manager at Vintry & Mercer, Yannedis, representatives of the hotel’s owners, and the design team.

We were brought onto the project during the design phase and were asked to produce ironmongery that would compliment the historical influences in the design scheme.

Find out how we delivered their vision here:

L’Oscar Hotel

The designer for this project had a clear vision of imagination, attention to detail and opulence. They wanted the luxury aesthetics of the hotel to shine through in every corner, including the ironmongery.

The 39-bedroom award winning hotel had elegant interiors of deep hues decorated with golden accessories, birds, and butterflies.

Yannedis supplied the interior doors with British manufactured bespoke pull handles, the entrance doors with art deco pull handles and the bedroom doors with lever handles on backplates.

Read more about this project here:

Why work with Lloyd Worrall?  

We have a wealth of experience working with hotels, which is why we understand what it is they require when it comes to ironmongery. With this knowledge, and our expertise in crafting an extensive range of commercial and residential hardware along with bespoke ironmongery, we’re keen to support boutique hotels in their journey to finding ironmongery that’s unique to them.

We are the architectural solutions experts you can trust.

From the moment we begin working together, we will support the design and site teams by ensuring we’re meeting and exceeding their client’s specification, fire certification and budget requirements.

Our goal is to provide solutions that promote a safe, secure and accessible environment.

At Lloyd Worrall, we pride ourselves on working closely with customers in the hospitality sector to ensure they’re receiving a service and product that’s designed to last, perform effectively, and look impressive. We also prioritise compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, no matter the project or product. We’re proud members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, and all our accreditations.

If you work in the boutique hotel sector and you’d like to speak to one of our experts about bespoke ironmongery, contact us on

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