How to build the “perfect” hotel, with Lloyd Worrall

Hotels are an essential part of many holidays, business trips, weddings and much more, so the hotel itself needs to be perfect – but what is a “perfect” hotel?

To Lloyd Worrall, a “perfect” hotel is one that not only focuses on interior design but prioritises its safety and security performance and obligations. This can be done in many ways such as having accessible solutions to accommodate a range of guests, or investing in a high-quality security system to keep guests safe whilst everything runs smoothly.

It can be overwhelming when considering how much goes into building a “perfect” hotel, but luckily, with our extensive experience specifying and supplying solutions for the hospitality industry, Lloyd Worrall has the essential knowledge to tell you how.

In this blog post, we’re going to detail exactly how we can help you build the “perfect” hotel.


Our Interspec doorsets fit the unique demands of every hotel, designed to meet and exceed even the toughest performance requirements without compromising on superior quality, aesthetics, performance and durability. This includes meeting the fire, smoke and acoustic performance ratings needed for regulatory compliance with British and European standards. Our Interspec range provides a complete package with doors, frames, architraves, glazing, associated glazed screens, architectural ironmongery and access control.

We supply doorsets in three different finishes: laminate, veneered or factory fully painted. Whilst each finish has its own merits, the best finish for your hotel depends on the design qualities you want and the performance requirements you need. Fully painted doorsets can be painted to fit in quickly and smoothly with the rest of your interior design. For example, if you’re looking to create a bright, modern space, then white fully painted doorsets can help you achieve that. Veneered finishes are brilliant for creating a cosy, warm interior that helps your guests feel right at home whilst being durable enough to withstand excessive use. Laminate facings are often used as a design statement, opt for bright colours or go in a different direction and opt for black, this creates an elegant, dark and intimate atmosphere that’s associated with high end hotels.


The best thing about doorsets is their adaptability. When paired with our other products you can have a safe and secure entrance system, aesthetically pleasing doors to each room and extra secure areas that you can choose to have opened or closed as you please such as, pools, gyms and entertainment rooms.

Door automation

Today door automation for hotels is key. Guests means luggage, and luggage can mean blocked or crowded entrances with unhappy guests who are caught up in the chaos.

We supply a range of door automation solutions that can be paired with our doorsets to create an efficient access and egress route. This doesn’t mean bulky equipment that disturbs the interior design, our Interspec automatic door operators are designed to take up minimal space, providing maximum efficiency without compromising on aesthetics.

Hotels need to be accessible for all, so even those with less mobility need to be able to access them. Door automation is a great way of providing inclusive access throughout the hotel. Using sensors, or compatible opening hardware, the doors can be operated safely by wheelchair users or anyone with limited mobility. This also means staff can wheel luggage throughout the hotel with ease, and the number of knocks and collisions taken by the door is reduced.

Access control

Access control and door automation go together like complimentary soaps and dressing gowns, building the perfect security system that keeps your guests safe and happy.

We can find the perfect balance between controlling the flow of people without it becoming a nuisance, with our dedicated access and autos team on the case. Every hotel is different and every area within a hotel is different too, which is why we accommodate for a range of needs, assign different levels of security to different areas. This centralised management gives you complete control. Plus, an integrated package that works with our doorsets and door automation solutions can create a simpler, easy to use system.

Bespoke ironmongery

Architectural ironmongery doesn’t have to be boring – a door handle can have a massive impact on your interior design theme. Whether you’re choosing to create a seamless blend or make a bold statement, we offer hardware in a variety of materials and finishes with a bespoke door furniture service – Made For You – to suit the most prestigious applications.

We also offer a range of practical solutions, such as emergency exit hardware, to ensure the safety of building users, and signage and mailboxes to complement the interior. A particular favourite of ours for hotels is ironmongery in a BMA (Bronze Metal Antique) finish, which not only exudes elegance but creates a warm atmosphere that naturally darkens and ages over time.

Handrails and balustrades

Handrails and balustrades are essential for a hotel – not only due to the UK Building Regulations that require stairways to have handrails and balustrades, but also because of the range of mobility of your potential guests.

Our systems are fully compliant with regulations and can be tailored to suit the exact measurements of the space and the interior design. Glass balustrades are often a popular choice as their simplicity allows for uninterrupted views that can maximise a space and bring the outside in. However, if simplicity isn’t your style, we also offer a polyamide colour system that can create a bold look, or a stainless steel handrail to compliment a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Whatever your needs, our expert service carries you through from site survey to installation, ensuring you get the perfect solution.

Juliette balconies

Juliette balconies are effortlessly simple and the key to unlocking five-star hotel status. Whilst taking up minimal space, they can completely transform a room by allowing light and fresh air in, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Balconies are often viewed as the height of luxury, but typically, hotels don’t have enough space to give a balcony to every room. This is why Juliette balconies are the ideal solution – exude elegance and exclusivity without overcrowding or disrupting the building’s exterior.

All our structural glass systems are designed with safety and structural integrity in mind, with complete support throughout the specifying process to meet all your needs.

You bring a vision; we’ll do the rest…

At Lloyd Worrall, we understand that all hotels are striving for perfection. To do this, you need the highest standard, best looking, and most compliant products and solutions.

We know how to keep your guests safe, all we need is your vision – our expert team can work smoothly alongside you to take your dreams, apply our practical knowledge, and make them a reality.

Our extensive experience in the sector, combined with our expertise and technical knowledge allows us to select the perfect products for your project. Choose a team that’s on your side, choose Lloyd Worrall. Contact us now.

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