Interspec Doorsets vs Door Component Assemblies

Understanding the benefits 

No matter the project at hand, doors are a vital feature in any build, both functionally and aesthetically. During the specification and construction process, the decision and choice between factory produced doorsets or door component assemblies’ will be made.

But with such a vast range of choices to browse – from surface finishes to ironmongery – it can be hard to know where to start. The unlimited combination of features and styles can baffle even the most experienced of architects and designers, especially when working around budget and design aspirations.

Ultimately, all these choices can be initially boiled down into two options: factory produced doorsets or door component assemblies.

So, what’s the difference and which should you choose?

Each option comes with different benefits. First, we must outline the key differences between factory produced doorsets and door component assemblies.

What is a doorset?

Unlike a door component assembly, doorsets are a factory produced unit constructed to exacting tolerances. As it says in the name, they’re a ‘set’. This includes the frame/lining, which is machined for hinges, strike plates and any other relevant items. The factory doorset arrives complete and ready for installation including ironmongery (latches, locks, hinges) together with any required intumescent, smoke and acoustic seals fitted.

What is a door component assembly?

To put it simply, a door component assembly requires each element to be purchased individually, e.g., the door leaf, the handles, hinges, locks, etc. The developer adds the frame/lining and stop, then each door assembly element is separately put together and installed on site.

Benefits of doorsets

Fire, security and safety compliance

As doorsets are tested as a whole unit, they are thoroughly and reliably tested for fire, security and acoustic compliance to strict production and certification tolerances. 

All our Interspec fire rated doorsets comply with strict fire regulations, which we ensure meet, and conform to the latest British Standards, European Standards as well as meeting current Building Regulations. 

Ease of installation

Whatever the project size, ease of installation is key. When working on a project that requires hundreds of doors, the efficiency of installation should be considered from day one.

The need for fewer fully skilled trades people required to install Interspec doorsets keeps on-site costs down. With doorsets, much of the pre-installation preparation is handled at the factory before transporting the doorsets to site, which allows for speedier install.

Installation is quick and simple, substantially improving labour time required throughout the project.

Compatibility of Interspec doorset components  

When specifying and ordering an Interspec doorset, all components are ordered from the same supplier, which ensures compatibility and high-quality performance. There’s no need to worry about material quality or poor workmanship, because there is no risk of buying non-compatible items. You know exactly what you’re getting and that they’ll fit together perfectly.

Limit the opportunity of error with a an Interspec doorset.

Consistency throughout

As a complete package, you know that the doors throughout the build – whether it’s 5 doors or 500 – will have a consistent finish. Because doorsets are manufactured, tested, and installed as complete units, the quality and material consistency is replicated throughout.

Variety of design

Some see doorsets as plain with limited options for aesthetic wriggle room – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Doorsets offer a wide variety of forms, materials, features, finishes, and ironmongery, which can create endless combinations.

Whatever your design vision, Interspec doorsets can meet and exceed it.

Assistance throughout

 When working with Lloyd Worrall, you will have access to technical advice and assistance throughout the specifying and purchasing process. From product design all the way through to installation, Lloyd Worrall will be on-hand for any help, answers or advice you may need.

At Lloyd Worrall, our relationship with our customers is paramount. We always strive to provide the highest customer service possible, no matter at what stage of the building process.

Benefits of door component assemblies

If you’re only replacing one – or a few doors – a simple door swap can be easy. However, great attention to replacing like for like products is required as any variation may have resulting issues in both operation and the meeting of performance requirements.

Lower cost

Disregarding labour costs (of additional preparation work and installation), a door component assembly may be initially cheaper than a factory produced doorset. However, this often comes with extra unexpected and unforeseen costs.

Individually designed doors

If you’re looking for one off, individually designed doors, traditional joinery made doors can be easier to source. However, many doorset manufacturers will happily tailor doors to bespoke requirements.

The take-home

It’s worth thoroughly considering whether a factory produced doorset or a door component assembly would better suit your project – based on size, budget, time constraints and material availability. Consider the installation and manufacturing process, and how these will slot into the production and construction of your build.

Architectural Solutions Experts You Can Trust 

At Lloyd Worrall, we pride ourselves on how closely we work with our customers to ensure they’re receiving a service and product that’s designed to last, performs effectively, and looks great. We also prioritise complying with legal and regulatory requirements, no matter the project or product. We’re proud members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, and all our accreditations.

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