Experts in Architectural Solutions

Lloyd Worrall has been supplying the building industry with its architectural hardware requirements since 1946.

Fast forward 76 years, and we’ve grown as a company, to now be one of the largest architectural ironmongers in the UK, acquiring Yannedis (the oldest established and one of the most respected architectural ironmongers in Britain) along the way.

Since day one, we’ve worked closely with architects, key specifiers, and construction design teams, developing and shaping our architectural solutions offering to provide a comprehensive catalogue of industry leading products and services.

As a specialist architectural solutions provider in the health, education, commercial, and accommodation sectors, we now have five regional trading branches located in Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Sheffield, London and Willenhall and work within the construction industry through consultations, specification and end-user interaction.

A Complete Architectural Hardware Provider

We offer a complete range of architectural hardware solutions, and we do it alongside outstanding commitment to our customers.

Our comprehensive service guides customers from initial performance specifications and quotations, right through to full ironmongery doorset packaging and installation services.

Our solutions include:


Originally, hundreds of years ago, ironmongery was the creation of iron-based products.

Today, ironmongery is the production and supply of hardware used in buildings. Door handles, door closers, architectural hinges, locks and latches and finger guards are all examples of architectural ironmongery, but only those who create and/or supply these products can be considered true architectural ironmongers.

At Lloyd Worrall, we’ve spent years compiling an extensive, quality, range of commercial ironmongery products, alongside a thorough selection of anti-ligature ironmongery and accessible washroom ironmongery solutions.

This broad portfolio is produced at a guaranteed high-standard due to our partnerships with leading international manufacturers. Every ironmongery product has been hand-picked to ensure durability and fit for purpose, while meeting all relevant performance standards including BS8300, ADM, BS EN, Certifire, and CE and UKCA Mark.


Doorsets are complete units that consist of a door frame and door leaf, supplied with all essential parts such as glazed screens, architectural ironmongery and access control. The unit is all supplied from a single source.

Our doorsets meet and exceed even the most challenging expectations. Specifically designed to suit the health, education and commercial sectors, our doorsets provide a co-ordinated solution, to deliver superior quality, aesthetics, performance and durability, all whilst exceeding the most demanding performance requirements.

Our doorsets are prepared in a factory setting, alongside factory preparation and installation of non-projecting ironmongery, which ensures total accuracy.  The result? Doorsets that comply to all fire, smoke and acoustic regulatory requirements that are demanded by all building and project developments – ensuring full compliance and easy sign-off from Building Control.

Lloyd Worrall offers laminate doorsets, fully painted doorsets, veneered doorsets, and bespoke doorsets, so you’ll be sure to find a solution that meets not only safety requirements, but aesthetic ones too.

Access Control

We put security first, with our access control systems. Get an overview of who comes in and who goes out, when, keeping residents and patients safe and secured.

Access control systems are an intelligent way to control who enters a defined location, and when. It’s an electronic security system that gives users access (or stops access), without the need for keys. Instead, they use an identification method such as an access card or code to enter defined areas. They provide valuable insight to help building and site owners to track and monitor how their spaces are being used.

Lloyd Worrall are proud to provide a comprehensive selection of access control systems, including electronic handle sets, video door entry solutions and online wall controllers, that offer building user-friendly, practical systems that cater for high security requirements, whilst meeting cost expectations.

Whether it’s a stand alone intelligent handle or a fully on-line access control system with associated access control software, Lloyd Worrall can provide it for you.

Door Automation

Access that’s effortless. An automated door system is by definition a door that opens automatically, and not controlled manually. They offer a number of applications including in hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, airports and offices.

Automated door systems are systems that make doors open automatically, usually when they sense a person approaching. They come in a variety of options, including automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors. They can be single leaf, or double leaf, and constructed in a variety of materials.

Our automated door solutions bring convenience to any building. They can be seamlessly integrated with our access control hardware and combined with our door automation accessories such as finger guards and safety sensors making the system even easier to use.

We have an experienced team that meet all automated door installation requirements. We work closely with our customers from the start of a project, to ensure our automated doors are fit for purpose, and meet the most exacting standards.

Handrails & Balustrades

Choose one material, or harmonise a combination, for your perfect handrail look.

Whether it’s on stairs, a balcony, Lloyd Worrall offers handrails and balustrades designed for both purpose and for style.

Our modular range of handrail and balustrade systems consist of structural glass balustrades, long-lasting stainless steel balustrades, timber and stainless steel balustrades that are designed to ensure all commercial and public buildings that use them satisfy the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and all applicable Building Regulations.

We have a dedicated team of handrail and balustrade experts on hand to offer technical advice and guidance to help you implement the perfect balustrade for your project.

Our H&B team offer a total supply and fix package from initial conception through to final installation.

Architectural Solutions Experts You Can Trust 

At Lloyd Worrall, we pride ourselves on how closely we work with our customers to ensure they’re receiving a service and product that’s designed to last, performs effectively, and looks great. We also prioritise complying with legal and regulatory requirements, no matter the project or product. We’re proud members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, and all our accreditations.

If you’re in the health, education, commercial, or accommodation sector and you’d like to speak to one of our experts about finding an architectural hardware solution fit for your needs, contact us on

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