Providing award winning bespoke ironmongery to a unique London landmark

Yannedis used their heritage knowledge and expertise to recreate the past, working hand-in-hand with the architectural team to reproduce original ironmongery designs.

The re-development of St Pancras Station involved the incredible £800 million architectural restoration and extension of a unique London landmark.

While the structure of the station was changed dramatically, the details of the building were followed, copied and restored very precisely and this included the architectural ironmongery.

Our London branch, Yannedis, provided their heritage knowledge and expertise to the restoration part of the project.

The drawings for the ironmongery were compiled 6 1/2 years before the project began. Yannedis had to work to an extremely prescriptive brief because of the listing status of the building and to avoid any possibility of contractors changing the specification.

Much of the hardware had to be made from scratch based on the original designs, including Jester hat escutcheons and 12 types of hinges. The espangolette bolts on the windows between the station and the hotel measure from the bottom of the window to the fan light at the top, acting like a hinge to support the huge weight of the windows.

Both attention to detail to recreate the past and ensuring the ironmongery met with current regulations all had to be achieved by Yannedis.

The huge solid oak doors to the booking office now feature modern door springs and electro-magnetic closers to comply with 21st century regulations. The doors are actually too big to open and close thousands of times a day. They are opened every morning and closed at night while modern glass doors in the opening offer access.

“We involved Yannedis early in the process and that was vital to the success of the scheme. Yannedis did not simply put in a price and wait for instruction. They were closely involved in the project, working hand-in-hand with the architectural team”. Alistair Lansley, Architect

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