Improving accessibility and security

In need of a replacement main door, Stockton Cycle Hub looked to Lloyd Worrall for help. Now, the organisation has installed one of the company’s units on its centre, improving accessibility and security.


Whether it’s to boost fitness, save on transport or reduce your carbon footprint, cycling has a number of benefits. As a nation, it’s important to encourage the activity, which could alleviate pressures on the national health service and take cars off roads. However, to best support cyclists, local authorities must invest in the necessary infrastructure. To this end, it’s important to build more cycling lanes and more communal bike locks, so that riders can feel safer on the road.

Recently, premier architectural solutions provider, Lloyd Worrall supplied a range of door automation products to the Stockton Cycle Hub in Stockton. The innovative centre offers a number of free services to the local community to help make cycling more accessible. The Hub represents the UK’s first active travel and cycle parking centre. As well as several community-orientated activities, the Hub offers free, safe and secure bike storage, including lockers and changing rooms for people travelling into Stockton.

One of the biggest concerns for the Hub is security. Cyclists who leave their bikes in the centre need to know it’s safe. The Hub houses up to 200 bikes at any one time, which makes it a potential target for thieves in the local area. In an attempt to improve security at the centre, the organisation began to search the market for a new main door solution. After searching the market, the project team chose Lloyd Worrall and its industry-leading door solutions. 

With over 70 years’ experience specifying and supplying safe, secure and accessible solutions, Lloyd Worrall was the obvious choice. To begin with, the project team met with Lloyd Worrall’s technical experts to discuss requirements and find a solution that fitted perfectly. As well as security, the Hub needed an accessible solution as it provides services to a broad church of cyclists, ranging in age and disability status. After much discussion, an automatic main door solution was selected. 

Lloyd Worrall’s automated solutions provide a means of opening and closing doors without the need for physical effort. The doors can be remotely locked and opened, which provides an additional layer of security to the organisation’s operations. What’s more, the solution assisted Stockton Cycle Hub in complying with the requirements set out in The Equality Act 2010 and guidelines within BS 8300:2009. To make the specification process straightforward, Lloyd Worrall provided a comprehensive technical support package, which included supply, installation and commission in accordance with BS EN 16005.

Speaking on the installation, Andy Elliott, Active Travel Project Officer of the Stockton Cycle Hub commented: “when we needed new doors fitted, we turned to Lloyd Worrall for assistance. We serve a broad base, which includes older people and some with disabilities. It was really important that the door was accessible and that cyclists felt welcomed into our centre. The new solution has resolved the issue and is helping us to further promote cycling in the local area. We’re really pleased with the service we received and would work with the company again in the future.”

Speaking on the installation, [Stuart Griffiths] Lloyd Worrall commented: “we were delighted to be involved in this project. The Hub is doing great work, offering a number of important services to the local area. Part-funded by Stockton Borough Council and national charity, Sustrans, the centre is helping to promote cycling and reduce carbon emissions. As well as providing a secure centre for bikes, the Hub offers free drop-in sessions, maintenance classes and runs guided bike rides. Thanks to the new automated door, the centre has never been as accessible and secure.” 

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