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Top 5 benefits of selecting well-designed anti-ligature ironmongery

Creating a safe healthcare environment requires selection of ligature resistant products that are free from sharp edges or potential catch points.

Anti-ligature – or ligature resistant – ironmongery is designed to prioritise the safety of people in a variety of special care environments including mental health institutions, psychiatric hospitals, care homes and prisons, without compromising on dignity and quality of life.

The name itself – anti-ligature device – means “a device intended to provide a specific function, which will reduce the risk of attachment of a ligature when subjected to loads representative of a person intent on inflicting harm or self-harm”

Anti-ligature door hardware features rounded surfaces and low profiles that are designed to secure rooms without presenting potential safety hazards in a room whilst avoiding an institutional appearance.

In this blog, we’ll explain the top 5 benefits of selecting well-designed anti-ligature ironmongery.

Reason 1: Safety

An anti-ligature ironmongery specification should primarily aim at addressing the safety of people that may be at risk of self-harm whilst in special care environments.

When specifying ironmongery for the places mentioned above, it is important to look at the doors through the eyes of the patient. Some individuals may want to use the door, and door hardware as a means to self-harm or to cause harm. Choosing well-designed and co-ordinated anti-ligature ironmongery for the door and its’ environment can drastically reduce this risk.

It is also important to select anti-ligature door furniture to suit the level of security required. From low risk products such as door levers and door knobs that feature sloping surfaces to help address common patient concerns, to door top alarms for high risk areas, which alert staff if weight is applied to the top of the door.

Reason 2: Staff and visitor reassurance

Correct selection of hardware not only helps protect patients from harm, but it can also maintain a level of security for others including staff and visitors.

These special care environments can be equipped with anti-ligature ironmongery which provides privacy for the patient yet enables staff to gain rapid access to a room.

Season 3: Accessibility 

Leading with the safety of people, next is accessibility. Anti-ligature ironmongery should provide personal freedom and quality of life, providing accessibility for all users.

The design of handles is done with ease of use in mind, meaning they cater for users of varying dexterity and strength.

Anti-ligature door handles and locks don’t compromise on functionality, creating safe and secure solutions that are entirely accessible and usable for both staff and patients.

Reason 4: Considered design

Anti-ligature door hardware has to be robust and built to last, but aesthetics do not need to be compromised.

Anti-ligature ironmongery can still provide a stylish, modern appearance.

Considered designs include soft, rounded shapes in stainless steel finishes which can balance the overall aesthetics of a facility.

Reason 5: Durability

Anti-ligature ironmongery must be durable. It is used in busy, high traffic facilities with the potential to receive a lot of physical abuse.

In the absence of an existing official standard for anti-ligature products in the UK, The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) has drawn-up a method of classifying both fixed and load release devices:

TS001:2013 Technical Specification: Enhances Requirements & Testing Methods for Anti-ligature Hardware.

TS001-2013 recommends the level of performance anti-ligature devices should achieve to ensure the safety of users. Testing is rigorous and exacting.

A PDF containing full details of the specification is available from

Well-designed anti-ligature ironmongery products will be tested to TS001:2013. Products should also be independently tested and designed for real world scenarios, to be used quickly and easily in stressful situations, thus keeping staff and service users safer.

Lloyd Worrall’s anti-ligature range

We provide a wide range of anti-ligature products that have been carefully selected for their durability and high performance standards combined with a high degree of resistance to physical abuse and severe frequency of use.

With the increased focus on the safety, security and dignity of people, we have chosen anti-ligature products which provide increased levels of personal freedom and quality of life, while at the same time minimising the potential for self-harm by reducing the risk of attachment of a ligature.

Whatever the door configuration, we will have an anti-ligature solution to suit.

You can find our range here:

Architectural solutions experts you can trust

At Lloyd Worrall, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to ensure they’re receiving a service and product that’s designed to last, perform effectively, and look great. We also prioritise compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, no matter the project or product. We’re proud members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, and all our accreditations.

If you work within mental health institutions, psychiatric hospitals, care homes or prisons and you’d like to speak to one of our experts about our anti-ligature solutions, contact us on

Please note that Lloyd Worrall offer a range of products designed to minimise the risk of self-harm and does not offer any guarantee that it will not take place.

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