Choosing the best doorset facing for each environment

When making the important decision about doorsets for facilities, the choice of facing is integral to the aesthetic and practicality of the doorset. Depending on the environment, different doorsets will hold different expectations – whether that’s durability, aesthetics, safety, or accessibility. 

At Lloyd Worrall, we offer an extensive range of Interspec performance doorsets with a choice of Laminate, Fully-Painted and Veneered facings to suit the accommodation, health, education, and commercial sectors. 

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the attributes of the facings we offer, exploring the environments with which they are most compatible.


The benefits of laminate facing are immediately apparent – they’re more durable than most surface solutions, including paint, and they’re resistant to stains, surface abrasions and scratches. On top of this, laminate doorsets are also less likely to break, chip, or fade over time. 

Lloyd Worrall’s Interspec Doorsets offer a wide range of laminate facings from the Formica Ⓡ Laminate Collection. With 188 laminates to choose from, all facings can be Hardwood Lipped or PVC Edged on all four edges of the door. If you’re looking for natural hues with wood grain effect, then the wood replica range should be on your must-have list. Alternatively, the plain colour range boasts a wide range of bright, bold, solid colours and subtle tones. 

Laminate is hardwearing and heavy duty while also being easy to clean. When carrying out the EN438 Test Method 15, the laminate collection shows resistance to 49 everyday substances, exceeding the requirements. 

Education sector case study

Laminate was the ideal facing choice for the refurbishment of the Grand Hotel in Newcastle into student accommodation. The historic building needed doorsets that would meet the intensity of use the doors would face in a student environment. They needed easy to clean surfaces to avoid unsightly stains from common stains in educational environments. 

As a solution, Lloyd Worrall supplied 188 high performance, severe duty, FSC certified timber doorsets in robust, light oak laminate. 

Health sector case study 

The health sector is a setting in which laminate is often the facing of choice. Hospitals, doctors surgeries, and mental health facilities require hard-wearing laminate to withstand the repeated pressure put on the doors, whether that be from staff, patients, or equipment. 

Laminate was selected for the newly built Suttons Wharf Health Centre. With infection control measures being a vital aspect of healthcare environments, surfaces are required to be regularly disinfected, meaning easy-to-clean surfaces are a must. As well as this, Sutton Wharf doors are in frequent use from staff, patients and visitors.

The client and design team chose from the vast range of colours available in the Formica Ⓡ collection and used these to colour doors as a means to differentiate between areas of the facility. This was not only beneficial for visitors and staff to easily identify their location in the centre, but the clear colours also allowed a clearer identification for visually impaired visitors. 

Accommodation sector case study 

The practical benefits of laminate facings are commonly noted, however the aesthetic uses of laminate are also ideal for many environments. The Radisson RED Hotel underwent an incredible transformation from an old Grade 2 listed building into a trendy, vibrant new hotel. Lloyd Worrall worked closely with the client, using the team’s specialist knowledge of the requirements and durability required of hotels and establishing a clear vision of the contemporary design. This project was supplied with 614 soft black laminate faced doorsets to provide a strong design statement and echo the overall design of the interior.

Fully painted

Our fully painted doorsets have a high quality, durable, expertly finished facing to fit numerous environments. Doorsets can be fully painted in the factory to achieve a superior finish to on site painting, or primed and prepped for onsite finishing by others. As with all our doorsets, the fully painted facings received a ‘Severe Duty’ rating, meaning they are fit to withstand intense environments. Opting for fully painted doors has the added benefit of being quick to install, minimising site time without compromising on the integrity of the interior design. 

Accommodation sector case study 

Lloyd Worralls fully painted facings were the surface of choice for the new hotel in the Citizen M franchise. Our London branch, Yannedis, supplied 250 severe duty, fire rated doorsets to meet the hotels safety and fire requirements throughout the communal and corridor areas. Citizen M’s well established aesthetic meant the new doors of the hotel had to be in keeping with their existing developments. To do so, the doors were painted white and completed with Citizen M’s standard furniture range. 

Commercial sector case study 

For Launchpad, a serviced office area, we supplied fully painted, internal timber doors in a crisp white finish with coordinated stainless steel ironmongery. The doorsets contributed to the clean, modern appearance of the interior in addition to meeting the high performance standard required in busy commercial spaces.



A popular choice for office developments, veneer brings a warm, natural finish to our doorsets. With a selection of six standard veneered surfaces, plus additional options upon request, clients can find a finish that perfectly fits their project. As well as their undeniable visual appeal, veneer also provides practical benefits. The veneer not only acts as a protective layer that shields from scratches, moisture and other elements, but it also extends the doors lifespan. 

Educational sector case study 

The extension and refurbishment of the Minet Infant School was supplied with 77 high performance timber doorsets with robust crown cut veneer, all built to withstand the intensity doors face in schools. Contractors for school developments work with the many unique requirements of doorsets in schools, the team at Lloyd Worrall was able to deliver high performance solutions to fit these requirements. 

Accommodation sector case study 

Real wood veneer also has design benefits, complimenting the interior and promoting a warm, welcoming environment. This was requested for the Chough House, which offered a ‘Somewhere safe to stay hub’, a facility to provide homeless accommodation for people who have been rough sleeping or are at risk of doing so. 

Finding the ideal facing with Lloyd Worrall 

Your next project deserves doorsets that prioritise the needs of the specific environment, whether that be education, commercial, accommodation or health. At Lloyd Worrall, we can give you that.

No matter your choice of facing, it will be compliant with the fire, smoke and acoustic performance needs required for all building and project types, as all products within our Interspec range conform to the latest British Standards and European Standards. 

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